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Get Better Online Dating Results, In Less Time – eBook

So, I wrote a book.

After many many months struggling with online dating and coming up with solutions (as chronicled on this blog) I decided to succinctly collect everything I’ve learned, including all the time-saving tips, in a single, easy-to-read ebook.

In this book you will discover the secrets of how I:

  • Got a girl to send me her number in her very first message to me
  • Reduced the time I spent online dating from 2 hours to 20 minutes per week
  • Went on up to 4 dates per week with only 20 minutes’ per week investment

But this book isn’t just about online dating; it’s also about Craig’s list personals.

As a FREE bonus, I also decided to include the Craigslist M4W personals ad that has pulled the best for me over the years . . . this is a “Best-of-Craigslist” post that runs over 1,000 words and has 8 illustrations. Pretty much every time I run this ad, I get you 30+ real women responding with their pictures.

Running this ad will have you feeling like a hot chick. True, you’ll have to modify it for your city, but once you do, you’re golden.

How would you like to see the below in your inbox? 

Get dozens of women emailing you with this killer CL ad. (If not more.) It works.

Get dozens of women emailing you with this killer CL ad. It works.

Here’s a more complete rundown of what’s included in the book:

  • The 3 things that must be in your profile (page 18)
  • Why your writing skill doesn’t really matter to a girl (page 22)
  • Why the online dating websites want you to fail, and how to succeed despite them (pages 4 – 11)
  • Why it doesn’t matter what your first message says (page 13)
  • The 5 rules for creating profiles that stand out from the crowd (page 20)
  • Real-life examples of profiles that grab a woman’s attention and don’t let go (page 29)
  • The 9 photography techniques you need to apply to have the best possible photos (page 33)
  • The one messaging technique that improved my reply rate by 40% (page 37)
  • Real-life examples of messages that got the best replies from women (page 40)
  • Super-confident & aggressive messages that either get you in the door right away or crash-and-burn terribly (use with caution!) – page 43
  • How to interpret what she writes back (page 45)
  • How to get her phone number in four messages or less (page 47)
  • FREE BONUS: The only personals ad you’ll ever need — post this ad on Craigslist or your favorite online personals board and you will get women emailing you their photos within minutes — in some cases this ad has pulled over 100+ messages from women within 2 daysI includes the entire 1,135 word personal ad, word-for-word, and links to the 8 hand-drawn illustrations crafted to go along with it. (You MUST use this ad responsibly!)

So what are you waiting for?


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Every good product has a guarantee and mine is no exception.

I am so confident that you will get value out of this book — especially if you take the time to use the FREE bonus craig’s list personals ad — that I will refund your money 100%, for up to 90 days after your purchase date if you use the material therein and don’t get the results you want.

Basically, the book is the cost of a deli sandwich — and I’m offering to give you the cost back even after 3 months have past if you don’t like the taste of the sandwich.

I think you’ll agree that is a pretty solid guarantee.

So buy with confidence!


Online Dating Results, Week of 10/31 – 11/7

Let me start this post by saying that a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

Having said that, I do think the entire online dating industry needs a big dose of transparency and, for that reason, I submit to you, dear reader, my results for my first week back to online dating in quite some time, the week of 10/31 – 11/7:

  • Completely re-wrote my profile
  • Contacted 41 women
  • 7 of those profiles went dark in the same time period (a 17% churn rate*)
  • Received responses from 14 women (a 34% response rate)
  • Proactively contacted by 2 women
  • Received 5 phone numbers (12% of initial messages)
  • Went on 3 dates
  • Message-to-meet ratio for the week: 7%
  • Second dates planned after first dates: 0.

This was all Cupid, and I should mention that not all of this “reduction” through the funnel was women blowing me off: out of the 5 phone numbers I got I deliberately chose not to pursue two of them.

From all my reading and talking with friends, the above numbers seem like a pretty middle-of-the-road, average experience for a male in his 20s or 30s on OkCupid in a medium-sized urban area. My city is about 500k people (with 2 million in the surrounding metro area).

Here’s the other side of the equation, my input:

  • 1-2 hours on profile rewrites and message sending
  • $20 – 30 on dates
  • Level of certainty that I would not want a second date with all three women I met, arrived at either prior to actually meeting in person, or within 0.05 seconds of them arriving at our chosen venue: 100%.

I am trying to portray, as honestly as possible, that this online dating thing is tough — even for a guy who has a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

I view my current situation as a sort of boot camp; what I’m doing is clearly not working very well for the current dating market I’m trying to crack. But I’m committed to refining and tweaking my approach until I do crack it. And, since I suspect that almost literally ever other dating market in the U.S. is easier than my market, I will be in an even better position to advise other guys on how to maximize their results from online dating.

So there you have it. I hope this has post has been illuminating to you on some level — and I hope it inspires you to post your own stats, either in the comments below or on your own blog!
*An earlier one-week test rendered a 30% churn rate, which suggests to me that this metric is pretty highly variable.

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