What Your Pictures Should Look Like

Photos are probably 80% of your results in online dating.

Huge judgments get made based on the first or second photo. Women online don’t have more than a few seconds per guy to make a decision, so you need to stand out.

Here are the only seven pieces of advice you really need to make a great photogenic impression:

1. Have pictures taken with a real camera. A DSLR or camera with interchangeable lenses is best. Camera phones take crappy quality pictures (yes, even the iPhone 4s/5). 

2. No flash. Flash adds 7 years, says OkCupid’s own data. 

3. Use Shallow Depth-of-Field. Meaning you should be the only thing in frame, and the surroundings should be almost blurry. 

4. Have your picture taken late afternoon, or late at night. OkTrends own data suggests that you need a photo taken during the “Golden Hour” within an hour of sunset or sunrise. 

5. Have photos with you with looking into & looking away from the camera. Some women will find you more attractive when you’re looking away (i.e. not gazing into the lens.) 

6. Your first photo should be just you, clear, with a shallow DoF. Your second photo should be you in an awesome activity (snowboarding, sky diving, whatever you really love.) Your third photo should be you with a big group of friends (please, not you and 6 playboy bunnies, that’s try-hard.) At least one but preferably all your photos should show you smiling. 

7. No shirtless shots. Do I really need to spell this out? A candid in a well-fitted T-shirt or in athletic action (surfing etc) will let her know how built or ripped you are.

8. If possible, get a professional to take the shots. They will have the skill to bring out your best angles and present your most attractive face to the Internet.

 9. Candid are better than posed. An obviously posed, professional shot says “try hard.” A subtly-professional or awesome-amateur photo says “He hangs out with amazing photographers, I bet they could make me look that good.” You want the latter.

Follow those nine points of advice, and your pictures will be better than 75% of the photos on your competitors’ profiles. . . .especially if all your photos fit these criteria.

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